What Makes a Successful Direct Mail Piece?

In Post by bill evans

Few things in life are as constant as death, taxes, and checking the mailbox. As of 2016, 98% of Americans reported checking their mail on a daily basis. Moreover, 66% of those same people indicated that direct mail pieces had influenced their purchase decisions. With well over 300,000,000 people taking the time to go through their mail each day, it is integrally important that businesses are taking the time to construct compelling direct mail pieces that encourage people to learn more about their brand.

If you are reading this article, you are likely well informed about the benefits of direct mail. However, are you confident that your campaigns are as effective as they can be? Many companies invest sizeable sums of money into their direct mail campaigns without ensuring that their direct mail pieces follow three simple rules that are correlated with higher levels of customer conversion.

1. Direct mail pieces should be interesting to look at and should compel the recipient to open and read it.

2. The messaging should be relevant, succinct, and readily perceptible to the recipient.

3. Direct mail pieces should be memorable and encourage the recipient to explore its subject matter by way of a clear call to action.

When executed properly, direct mail can make your brand more personable and cut through the electronic clutter that many of your customers have grown accustomed to eschewing. The most effective direct mail pieces do not waver in their intention; the goal is to ask for the sale in a manner that is as polite as it is explicit in its request. While attempting to convey a message with direct mail, it is also important to keep brevity in mind. It may seem tempting to pack as much information into your mail pieces as possible, but you would do well to remember that while customers appreciate direct mail, many of them will scan the contents of your mail and summarily discard it if it does not pique their interest.

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