We care about our community,
our people and our world.

We work alongside our clients, creating many long-lasting partnerships along the way. None of that is possible without the hard work of our employees. The energy and attitude that our employees bring to work every day are so important. We are deeply invested in supporting our workforce and the communities we live and work in to create better lives for all.

Environmentally Conscious
Social Responsibility

Federal Direct understands it’s responsibility in protecting our environment. The UV printing inks we use are environmentally-safe, free of radical chemistry and require less energy consumption. We recycle all our paper, cardboard, ink, chemical, oil, and metal waste. We are proud to highlight that 100% of our electrical supply is generated by renewable power sources. We take pride in social responsibility.

Local Community Involvement and Support

We are a Nation of communities, a place where friends and neighbors respect, support, and protect each other. At Federal Direct, we participate in local events and support both local and national charities. In addition to being a trusted partner in business, it is our goal to be equally trusted by the people, families, and businesses in our communities. 

Strength in Diversity
and Inclusion

A company is more than brick and mortar buildings, printing presses, or pick & pack lines. It’s a collection of people working together as a team to create something greater than themselves as they work toward a common goal. We are welcoming and proud of the diversity of our staff, and believe that our strength lies in the richness of ability, experience, and point-of-view that each brings to our corporate family. 

Having a Healthy
Work-Life Balance

We value our employees more than anything else. We do our best to provide a pleasant, stimulating, and rewarding work environment. Amenities such as access to our corporate gym as a part of our Wellness Program shows our commitment to our employees and their desire to be productive both in work and in their personal lives. We believe balance in work and personal life is an important key to happiness and success.