Federal Direct Fulfillment Center
Print & Collateral Fulfillment with Budget Management

We designed and installed a solution that addressed both needs simultaneously.
Developing a custom web-based solution that allowed the retailer to monitor stores in real-time preventing stores from exceeding their monthly budget.

Improve Direct Mail Lead Response Program

Working closely with the client, Federal Direct implemented a process that included receiving a secure data-feed from their call center. We developed custom programming using business rules the client required to process the daily data, reliably creating a unique Direct Mail package tailored expressly for each respondent.

Streamline Pharma Client Print Fulfillment Process

Federal Direct created an easily-managed Quoting and Pricing tool for the client to use internally and to communicate with us. This tool also served as the basis for creating a PO in the client’s SAS system.

Direct Mail – Working as a Team

A client that services financial institutions was having difficulty coordinating the communication and workflow for developing, proofing, and approving their client’s artwork. They needed a more streamlined and intuitive approach that better managed the process, and, reduced their art cost.