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Is Direct Mail Dead

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Is Direct Mail Dead or Alive?

Despite the recent financial woes of the US Post Office, direct mail is not only alive and well, but growing. Human beings are social creatures and even though we are more connected than ever before, there is something to be said for striving to connect through more than a computer screen or smart phone; Direct mail is a great media for providing that connection when done correctly.

Direct Mail DeadWould it surprise you to know that 454 pieces of direct mail pieces are delivered to an average US household every year per the USPS report?

Direct mail for advertising purposes rose by 28% from 2020 – 2021 and they spent 28% more money than people who didn’t get the piece of direct mail, which amounts close to $65 billion in sales for 2021. So, what is driving the increase in direct mail?

One significant reason direct mail is doing so well is … TRUST.

A leading target marketing firm found that only 25% of consumers think that online information can be trusted; that means that 75% of people are hesitant to believe what they read on the internet. The same study found that 80% of consumers are more trusting of information received in the mail than by email.

One theory on why direct mail is seen as more trustworthy than email is that we all know direct mail has a hard cost attached to it – unlike email, which is less expensive but its lower barrier to entry also encourages volume vs quality.

Is Direct Mail Dead In The Age Of E-Mail, Facebook and Twitter?

Studies have shown that people prefer physical mail at a very deep level, and this can be seen through how people process materials. When a photo is in someone’s hand, the brain generates more activity than if it was on a screen.

The brain pays closer attention to the real-life materials and builds more visual and spatial connections than it does when looking at an email. Something as simple as the texture of the paper will make your direct mail piece more memorable and unique when compared to an email.

Perhaps more importantly, your materials will not end up in some spam filter, lost in cyber space or deleted before being read. With direct mail you know your material was actually received and at least handles by a recipient. The difference in experience can drastically increase your campaign’s response rate.

If this isn’t enough to convince you that direct mail is alive and well, let’s look at who uses direct mail marketing. The world’s largest e-commerce event, Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition, sells its vendor spots as well as tickets to the event via a 32-page direct mail piece marketing services with direct mail. Not a good enough reference for you?

Does Google Think Direct Mail Dead or Alive?

How about the fact that Google uses direct mail to sell it’s pay per click and Google Business Profile advertising media?

Now, if a company like Google, the world’s largest search engine has decided it’s wise to supplement its own marketing services with direct mail, it is obvious that not only is direct mail not dead, but it may be more alive than ever for those entrepreneurs who are savvy enough to take advantage of this media.

Direct mail is still very much alive and well. In fact, according to the USPS, direct mail generated $65 billion in revenue last year alone. And with the right approach, it can help you reach more customers than any other form of advertising.

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