What is a landing page

What is a Landing Page and Why You Should Use It

In Post by Bill Evans

Landing pages made their debut in 2003 when Microsoft designed them to boost sales of Microsoft Office. Since 2003, Website design has undergone a tremendous amount of change, and landing pages are now a truer reflection of their initial goal – boost conversion with a clear call to action. A well-designed landing page can complement a variety of email marketing tools.

Once you’ve compared something like the use of Mailchimp vs Sendgrid within your business, you’ll find that the landing page of a website can act as the terminus for a call to action made via direct mailers.

Some decide to put their landing pages on social media websites similar to Instagram to improve conversion rates. I hear that Socialfollow® provide a useful service that will increase organic traffic to Instagram accounts and in turn, their landing pages. There are tons of facilitators that can be used and can also be used as a linktree alternative.

It’s no longer up for debate whether or not businesses should maintain a web presence by investing resources to ensure an eye catching site. By now, most businesses can appreciate the results that a well-designed website can deliver. What about landing pages, though?

Landing pages can be quite effective at boosting conversion

They are relatively simple to set up. Even still, few businesses take advantage of the flexibility and usefulness of effective landing page that converts when creating marketing campaigns.

While landing pages can be used as a temporary substitute in lieu of a fully functional website, landing page optimization are in conjunction with specific marketing campaigns that can be tracked and measured. A well-crafted landing page should seek to do four things well:

  1. Be Easily Discernible: A high performing page should succinctly detail its purpose; the headline should reinforce what the call to action is about. It’s also important that the page be devoid of distracting options.
  2. Be Harmonious: Make sure to reinforce the subject matter expressed in the original referral source. The imagery used on the landing page should be relevant to what is being requested of the visitor.
  3. Express a Clear Call to Action: One of the most important aspects on the page is its call to action. The call to action should be straightforward and simple for visitors to intuit without the use of additional text to explain it.
  4. Possess Good UX/UI Design: It’s imperative that the best landing page builders design according to a well-established user experience as well as a user interface guidelines. Landing page best practices should be pleasant to look at while adhering to the tenets of minimalist principles; the design should not compete with or distract from the call to action.

Landing page design has enjoyed substantial visual and performance improvements since its inception in 2003.

Modern Landing Pages Explicitly State Their Intentions

by utilizing a clear call to action message that encourages visitors to interact with the content. Landing pages are a very effective tool to use when designing a marketing campaign, and they can be highly effective at generating leads from your site’s visitors.

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