6 Personalization Practices

6 Personalization Practices from Walgreens’ Balance Rewards Program

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How To Add 6 Personalization Practices From Walgreens!

There are many studies conducted about customer retention and what may be the best practices to help keep them from going to the competition. Following the information below could help you make some informed decisions for your business.

A recent survey conducted by Everage and Researhcscape International revealed that 250 professionals from companies ranging in size found that 85% of respondents are implementing some form of personalization.

This is while 74% of respondents say personalization is “very” or “extremely” important. The study found that 55% of respondents give their personalization efforts a grade of C or lower. Read More.

Elyse Dupre, DMN-

If you need help with these 6 personalization practices Federal Direct has the team to do it! We would love to talk with you about helping you grow your business or corporation.