Mobile Web Design Obsolete

How Mobile Web Design may soon be Obsolete

In Post by Bill Evans

Did you know that as of 2013, more than 6 billion people owned mobile devices. Isn’t it time to start thinking about mobile web design? To put that into perspective, only 4.5 billion people had reliable access to toilets that year.

We live in a world inundated with screens both large and small. With so many people wielding so many devices, it is more important than ever to create compelling content that works well across a variety of different screen sizes.

Is “Mobile-First” Helpful in Mobile Web Design?

For years, you have likely been advised that a “mobile-first” design scheme would allow you to take advantage of the deluge of new mobile users pouring into sites each day. Based on that line of reasoning, you may have already opted to spend less on developing content for traditional computers.

If you are sold on the virtues of developing content for mobile devices, you should give special consideration to venturing beyond the most basic aspects of the mobile-first approach.

You can do this by taking the comptia a 1001 exam, which covers far more than mobile technology and will equip you with knowledge about networking technology, hardware, virtualization, and cloud computing and network troubleshooting, so you will have plenty of tools in your aresnal.

Mobile Web Design Works Best With Mobile and Desktop Computers

Many users switch between different devices consisting of both mobile and desktop computers to consume different types of content at different times of the day. Therefore, it’s imperative that marketers develop multichannel content to better capture users across a variety of devices with varying screen sizes.

By using the multichannel approach, it is possible to future proof your campaigns while becoming less reliant on developing content with specific devices and screen sizes in mind.

Ultimately, the goal of a marketer is to accurately track users across multiple devices, so your campaigns should reflect the same fluidity in which your users swap out their devices to view your content. Utilizing a mobile first approach, however tempting that it might seem, will only yield a small piece of the much larger puzzle.

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